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Mr. Randy Raymond

108 Concorde Pl.
Mandeville, La 70471

Franks International
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Randy's Living Memorial for the Bobby Banna Tribute was submitted on 3/12/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas on that day.

Bobby Banna's Living Memorial, Randy Raymond – Football 1969-72

In December, 1968, I was fortunate to receive a football scholarship offer from USL(ULL). On my official visit that month, I was to meet my future position coach for the next four years. Bob Banna was that man. My host for my visit that weekend was a freshman running back named Dicky Haik. Dicky had contributed and lettered on the 1968 GSC Champion USL Bulldogs. Dicky's high school coach was Coach Banna. Dicky and Coach Banna came to USL at the same time.

Having not met Coach Banna, I was somewhat anxious/apprehensive, etc.. Dicky made all that disappear before my formal introduction to Coach. Dicky had nothing but great things to say and truly admired his former high school, now college coach.

He described him perfectly. Driven daily to perfection would be the best way I remember his description.

Upon meeting Coach Banna, you could feel that description come to life. USL had just clinched the championship two weeks prior to my visit. Coach Banna was already stressing 1969 and what was coming back in terms of depth. He was proud of the championship team but after two weeks, he had moved on.

There aren't words to describe my next four years. I learned very quickly what "daily perfection" meant. Coach Banna was the most consistent person. You did every rep correctly. He was intense in the water breaks.

Coach Banna had us prepared. Our game week preparation was intense and thorough. Usually on Monday, you had the feeling there was no way we could win on Saturday. By Friday, it was total confidence that we would win. That confidence was delivered through the daily preparation. He was great with film study of the opponents. I can proudly say in my time under Coach Banna, we never saw an alignment or scheme that he hadn't prepared us. You knew exactly what he expected every day. Accountability was a daily virtue. If you had a bad practice, you knew when you viewed the depth chart the next day you wouldn't be happy.

His focus on detail bordered on compulsion. Alignment, assignment, technique, and effort had to come together. He taught technique and graded execution.

It didn't matter if we were playing Doane (49-0) or Southern Mississippi (14-16 on a late Ray Guy field goal), daily perfection existed.

He had a major effect on me and my life. During my brief college coaching stint, eight years at Nicholls State, I relied on my experience with Coach Banna. There were several times when I was able to meet with other coaching staffs, Nebrask, USC, Ole Miss, and several others to pick their brains about schemes, techniques, etc. Not one of those staffs had the fundamental presence of Coach Banna. They were all really good, but from the technique/fundamental standards, Coach Banna was just better.

The man could just flat out coach. That was what he was meant to be and he was a great one.. He never accepted mediocrity. Life lessons was what he was teaching while coaching the offensive line.

During my four years, we had some great leadership in the offensive line. Gerald Dugas, Jim Doyle, Leslie Cross, Roland Degeyter were prime examples of Coach Banna's drive and competiveness. No slow steps and no mistakes from this group.

I was so blessed to be under Coach Banna during this time.

After my senior year, I was allowed to be a student assistant at USL for the spring. I got to work closely with Coach Banna. Not just on the field but in the office, film room and meeting room. I realized then that his preparation was a 24/7 issue. I also realized after my experience with him that spring, that he never asked a player do something he wouldn't do. Big lesson for someone wanting to be a coach.

It's been forty-five (45) years since I've played for Coach Banna, but I know the impact he made on all of us. The only regret I have, is that I would never be able to be on the same staff. That would have been great.

Thank you, Coach Banna, for everything.
Football:  1969, 1970, 1971, 1972