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Men's Basketball Reunion - 1956-57 Team - "Dutch" Reinhardt's Last Team - 2/16/2019

Photo Gallery - Lunch of 1956-57 Team and Guests at  Don's Seafood Hut
Photos by Dr. Ed Dugas  athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge the photo and on the enlarged photo to reverse the process)

Photos by Carole Adkins (Doug's wife)   alljoy6@sbcglobal.net - of the 1956-57 Men's Basketball Team which moved around Lafayette Saturday like the "Globetrotters."

Photos provided by Ben Massey via Matt Sullivan  matt.sullivan@louisiana.edu 
Associate Director of Athletics Communications 

* * * * * *  Reunion Overview by Gerald "Reauxburger" Reaux

The reunion began with Saturday lunch at Don’s Seafood Hut. It was attended by five members of the 1956-57 team and guests – pictured in the first section of photos. The attendees were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Kerry and Dr. Bryan Maggard, Director of Athletics.

One of the reunion highlights was a visit with Annette and Gale Breaux at their home, as Gale was too ill to attend the reunion activities. It was a touching and memorable experience for Gale and his teammates.

Next on the schedule was a visit by Randy, Doug, and Gerald to the Beryl Shipley home. Dolores (wife), daughter (Marilyn) and husband (Bill) Watson shared a beautiful collage of the 1957-58 team, which Dolores had the three visiting players sign.

The university provided us with preferred seating, great recognition at half-time, and a wonderful setting after the game where the honorees could visit with guests, players, and others, including Gail and President Savoie, Kerry and Dr. Maggard, and Jennifer and Coach Bob Marlin. The hospitality for lunch, recognition, and socialization were all outstanding. Melissa Minton and her helper attended to our various needs.

Michael Murphy, Director of Basketball Operations, greeted us at the shoot- around, as well as before and after the game to explain the very interesting details of how the team was to play ULM and it worked.


When the evening was over, we had renewed many friendships and created new ones. Doug and Carole were able to share his recognition with cousin Rose Marie and husband Ray Clement, both outstanding university graduates and Lafayette residents. Guests of the honorees felt the warm hospitality of the recognition and were grateful. My teammate Jimmy Vice and I were able to reconnect 62 years since last being teammates and it was wonderful. We are now strongly connected.

We are so proud of being university graduates,  having played for two of its legendary coaches, Julien “Dutch” Reinhardt and Beryl Shipley, and having experienced the warmth of the Ragin’ Cajuns Spirit as we were recognized in such a memorable manner by the Basketball Program, Athletics, and the University.  


Submitted by Gerald “Reauxburger” Reaux, Men’s Basketball 1956-59, and local coordinator for the reunion.


Click here for a photo of the reunion of the 1957-58 Men's Basketball Team in conjunction with the Shipley Classic in 2011. These players were known as "The Original Shipley Boys." 


Please click here for the Dutch Reinhardt Living Memorial. 


Please click here for the Site Dedication of the Athletic Network to "Blackjack" Landry and "Dutch" Reinhardt.  


* * * * * *  


The reunion is open for all basketball alumni, players, coaches and managers.

All alumni are invited and encouraged to attend with an emphasis on the 1956-57 team,  the last team coached by Dutch Reinhardt.


Shoot around will be 2pm and then we are going to look at putting a restaurant room on hold for people to get food and hangout on their own. 


The game is at 7 and the social after the game.

Gerald  Reaux, member of the team being honored, is serving as local coordinator for his teammates and working with Melissa Minton. He can be reached at Gerald Reaux   geraldr@fenstermaker.com 


Please email Melissa Minton at mminton@louisiana.edu or phone her cell 337-377-3435 to register, provide your ticket count, and for questions.
Four tickets will be provided for each registrant.

Peace, Ed Dugas

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