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Men's Basketball Reunion – Coaches Hatfield & Paschal Years - Reunion Updates

Update - Feb. 2, 2015
There are now over 70 persons planning to attend the reunion and there are still registrations in the mail.  Some former players plan to attend and will register on Friday evening. That is fine. Please email your plans to us so we can continue to update our tasks sheets to make the reunion as enjoyable as possible.

Update - Jan. 27, 2015

Registrations continue to dribble in and today 15 more registrations were posted. Our posting dates are slightly behind the dates the registrations were placed in the mail.

Please click here to view the updated list of those who have registered (as of yesterday's mail). Registrations now total slightly above 50.

If you have not placed your registration in the mail by Saturday, Jan. 31st, please bring it with you and register upon arrival, rather than take a chance of the registration getting lost/delayed in the mail.

If you plan to come, but have not placed your registration in the mail by Saturday, please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu and inform us of your plans. Also, state if you plan to attend both days, only Friday or only Saturday, so we can plan accordingly. 

Please communicate your plans  to attend to us by Monday, Feb. 2. Thanks.   

* * * * * * * * * * 

Update Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

ESPN recently contacted the university about carrying the 7:00 pm, Saturday game if it were moved to 1:00 pm that day. So...please note the schedule changes below and please help spread the word. Thank

3:00 - 5:30 - UL Basketball Practice - Cajundome

6:00 - 9:00 - Reception - Alumni House

9:00 - 10:00 am - Campus Tour - New Union (Venue TBA at Friday Reception)

11:30 am - Rebounders Club Pre-game Reception (Venue TBA)

12:30 pm - Autograph Session (Venue TBA)

1:00 pm - Ragin' Cajuns vs. UTA (ESPN Telecast) - Half time Recognition on Court

* * * * * * * * * *  

Update Monday, Dec. 22, 2014
The reunion packet was placed in the mail on Saturday morning, Dec. 20, 2014. The list below includes the names and towns for each person sent a reunion packet. Please help us locate those who are not on the list as well as those for whom current mailing addresses were not used. Thank you.  

Please click here for the Reunion Packet (listing on the reunion page) for the three page enclosure which includes a welcome from Coach Bob Marlin, an information sheet, and the Registration Form. Please return the completed form, even though you may not be able to attend the reunion. Thank you. 

George Foster, Bobby Paschal and Jim Hafield, along with several players and others dedicatedly took it upon themselves to locate former players and support group members. That is why the lists below are so inclusive. Thanks to each person who helped locate a player or support cast member. Please keep up the good work. Because of your efforts, hopefully everyone who was part of the 1974-86 years will be made aware of the reunion in time for them to attend.

The three page reunion packet was mailed to the players and supporting casts below.
The city has been identified, in hopes that you will recognize those addresses which are no longer current and email
athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu so efforts can be made to locate that person.

Players/mailing address

A. Allen, Lafayette, La
D. Allen, Norcross, Ga
G. Almones, Lakeland, FL
M. Blue, San Leandro, Ca
D. Bratcher, Dallas, TX
D. Brown, Roseville, Ca
S. Beene, Baton Rouge, La
C. Broussard, Pensacola, FL
G. Calico, Olmstead Falls, OH
R. Chassee, Mandeville, LA
J. Chivleatto, Harvey, La
J. Cleveland, Eatonville, FL
W. Coffell, Stephenville, TX
A. Dorsey, Houston, TX
A. Felder, W. Homestead, PA
K. Figaro, Lafayette, La
C. Fils, Houston, Tx
D. Flowers, Baton Rouge, LA
E. Freeman, Union Springs, Al
B. Gatz, Grand Isle, La
D. Gay, Tallahassee, FL
C. Glenn, Forest Park, GA
M. Hamilton, St. Paul, MN
C. Hill, Grosse Tete, La
E. Jackson, Lakeland, FL
D. Jacobs, Atlanta, GA
R. Johnson, Addis, La
B. Jolivette, Kingwood, TX
S. Jones, Sarasota, FL
C. Jordan, Indianapolis, IN
W. Julien, Baton Rouge, La
D. Lyles, Corpus Christi, TX
T. Lyles, Shreveport, La
J. Manley, Twin City, GA
R. McGrew, Lithia, LA
R. McNeil, Seabrook, TX
L. Megget, Charleston, SC
J. Mitchell, New Iberia, La
P. Mitchell, Maringouin, La
P. Mitchell, San Antonio, TX
C. Monroe, Shreveport, La
J. Perret, Lafayette, La
T. Ripka, Granite City, IL
T. Robinson, Longview, TX
A. Ross, Houston, Tx
S. Shields, Sarasota, FL
W. Simmons, Fort Wayne, IN
B. Steward, Miami, FL
A. Toney, Snellville, GA
A. Turner, Winter Haven, FL
D. Turner, Lorton, VA
G. Warner, Harvey, La

Support Group Members:

D. Allen, Lafayette, La
B. Ardoin, Opelousas, La
L. Betances, Youngsville, La
L. Bobbitt, Houston, TX
B. Bowman, New Port Richey, FL
J. Breaux, Lafayette, La
R. Broussard, Thibodaux, La
D. Brown, Heath, TX
T. Brown, Rayne, La
D. Cottonham, Lafayette, La
R. Davis, Lafayette, La
M. Didier, Phoenix, AZ
D. Donaldson, Tampa, FL
D. Farrar, Murfreesboro, TN
G. Foster, Lafayette, La
L. Frederick, Breaux Bridge, La
H. Gonzales, Crowley, La
J. Hatfield, Panama City Beach, FL
G. Hebert, Sunset, La
T. Herpin, Lafayette, La
J. Hymans, Knoxville, TN
D. Ireland, Natchitoches, LA
J. Jarrett, Clearmont, FL
S. LeBas, Lafayette, La
D. McDonald, Youngsville, La
K. Murray, Graford, TX
D. Olinger, Lutz, FL
Bobby Paschal, Tampa, FL
Brent Paschal, Tampa, FL
J. Porche, Richmond, TX
G. Quebedeaux, Crowley, La
G. Rials, Lafayette, La
R. Schexnayder, Kaplan, La
Dr. Al Simon, Jackson, MS
R. Stutes, Baton  Rouge, La
B. Walker, Venice, FL
W. Waters, Northport, AL
D. Wright, Grand Isle, La


Posted by Ed Dugas, Athletic Network 

Peace, Ed Dugas