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Men's Basketball Reunion – Coaches Hatfield & Paschal Years - Building the Base

Mark your calendar for Feb. 6-7, 2015. More information coming soon.

Please help build the base for the reunion by emailing athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu for a list of the basketball players during the Hatfield and Paschal years - 1974-85. 

When you receive the spread sheet, please know that the list of former players is a work in progress. Many of those who did not complete their degree at the university are listed as individual.
While the list is incomplete and, at times, inaccurate, it too depends upon those listed to provide current information.  There is a lot of good information on the spread sheet.

The good news is that the information on the spread sheet can be combined with the AN listings for greater accuracy and current information.  When in doubt about a players years, please go to the
www.athleticnetwork.net , click on Photo Gallery, M Basketball, the year in doubt and there should be some photos or information which may help. The AN uses the final year of the hyphenated year to organize split-year seasons. Thus, 1975 represents the 1974-75 year and 1981 represents 1980-81, etc.

Also, if you click on www.athleticnetwork.net
Select a Team (Search engine in upper left of home page), highlight and click on M Basketball,
the listings by year will appear in alphabetical order. (Scroll as needed). Click on a name and their profile will appear.

Using the   << Return to Group Listing   at the top of the page, one can view a lot of profiles in a brief period of time.

If you are able to update what is posted on the AN, please email the person with a Cc: to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu  and the AN will communicate with the person. Your encouragement for them to update their AN profile will lead to them receiving the electronic communications about the event being planned for Feb. 6-7 2015. 

The spread sheet does not include the various support groups – coaches, managers, athletic trainers, etc.

The AN will include the various support groups in all of the electronic communications sent about the event. Again, the message goes to those with current email addresses. Thus, it is so important that we begin building the AN base ASAP so news sent later this month can reach all of those who were part of the program during 1974-85. Thank you.

Peace, Ed Dugas

Judice & Adley