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1960s Former Football Players Reunion Information

Overview of Oct. 31 & Nov. 1 Reunion of the 1960s Football players.

On Friday October 31st & November 1st, former 1960s USL Football players held reunions prior to the University  of Louisiana football game against South Alabama.  On Friday night, 32 former USL football players & their wives/dates met for dinner at Don’s Seafood.  Initially they had a few drinks in the bar and then moved to a private dining room for dinner and story telling.  Each player got up and provided a brief five minute synopsis on what they had done since their playing years at USL.  Additionally a toast was made to the 10 players and support staff (Blackjack) who had passed away since their USL days. 

On Saturday November 1st, former  1960s USL Football players met at Walk on Restaurant for lunch for their 3rd Annual Reunion.  Approximately 23 former players and support staff members attended the lunch.  Last year, we had 22 at the reunion and 9 in 2012.   During the luncheon, approximately 3 of the local TV stations showed up to video some of the players and interviewed several of them.  

After the lunch, many of the former players attended the UL Football game against South Alabama and were very impressed with the current team.    After the game approximately 10 former players and their wives/dates enjoyed dinner and Cajun music at Prejean’s Restaurant. 

All participants at all events were in favor of having both the dinner and lunch again during the 2015 UL football season.  All USL players who played during the 1960s are welcomed at these events.

Submitted by Tom Kelly. Please click here for Tom's AN profile.  


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August 19, 2014

Football 1960s Newsletter - August 19, 2014

This announcement was designed by Tom Kelly, as he invites 1960s former football players to some homecoming fun.

For the past two years, former early 1960s USL football players have gotten together for lunch and drinks before one of the UL football games.  The first time that this was done in 2012, nine former players attended.  In 2013, we had an excellent show of 22 former players. 

We plan on doing this again before the Homecoming game on November 1st.  The past two years we have met at the Walk on Restaurant in Lafayette and will likely do the same this year, although final arrangements have not been made.  In addition this year, we will meet in the Lafayette area for dinner with wives/girl friends Friday night October 31st at a place to be arranged - depending upon planned reservations.


If interested in either of these events, you may contact Tom Kelly (Class of 1964) at kellyt32@gmail.com or 540-788-4678.

Click here for the page of the 2013 reunion which includes a photo gallery.

Click here for the 2005 Faulkinberry Reunion Photo Gallery. It is extensive, so allow time to upload. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the photo, then to reverse the process.

Click here for Coach Faulkinberry's AN profile , something he took great pride in and  devotedly monitored each word. His profile now, in part, represents him to the Cajun Nation who did not personally know him or witness him coaching,  but who have a great deal of respect and admiration for him.  

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Peace, Ed Dugas