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L'Acadien Photos for 2016-17 and 2017-18 Posted For All Athletic Teams & Support Groups

The Athletic Network is pleased to announce that scans/postings from the most recent L'Acadiens - both the 2016-17 Vol. 98 and 2017-18 Vol. 99 have been completed and may be viewed in the appropriate photo gallery. 

A special debt of gratitude is extended to Noah Morley, AN student assistant, who completed this task during March, 2019.

All L'Acadiens have been scanned beginning with the first volume in 1912. While it is not possible to include all of the photos on the Athletic Network, a representation for each attribute for each year has been attempted.

These include all of the athletic teams, plus all of the support groups - athletic trainers, cheerleaders, dancers (Ragin' Jazz), equipment managers, Vermilion staff, L'Acadien staff, Band, etc. Just select from the 50-item menu and the photos are arranged in chronological order. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the photo and, again, on the enlarged photo to reverse the process.

To view a photo from a sport or support group, please go to www.athleticnetwork.net  and click Photo Gallery (left side of home page) - Sport or Category of Photo  -  year of photo. 

To view a photo gallery from a reunion or special event, click the Ragin' Cajuns Reunions and Special Events (banner on right side of the news box), then the headlines of that event, then the photo gallery for that event - some have several photo galleries. The headings are in chronological order beginning with the latest event.

Please keep your email address current with the Athletic Network as it is our only communications connection with you.
Email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu  to provide a current email address. Thanks.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas

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