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Locating The Obituary Of A Loved-One On The Athletic Network

The ease of locating a deceased person's profile or an article written about their passing on the Athletic Network is described below. 

There are two ways to locate obituaries: one, in the profile of the deceased and two in the Archived News.

The information in a deceased person's profile does not contain photos or clickable links to photos. However, the profile does contain the Date of Death. This will be helpful to locate the obituary/articles in the Archived News.

The quickest way to access a profile is to type in the person's last name in the Last Name Box (one of four search engines in the upper left of the home page at
www.athleticnetwork.net)  -  then click the red search button to the right of the name. All identical last names will appear, then click on the name of the person you are seeking and their profile will appear.

To access the Archived News, please click on the headlines of any article in the News Box and when the new page appears, click on the Archived News link in the upper left. 

When the Archived News format appears, click on the month and year of the deceased person passing. This information is contained in their profile.

The story in the Archived News contains photos, links to photos and other information which may not have been included in the profile. No profiles contain photos.

The Archived News format contains one listing of years and below it is a listing of the months.

Example 1: Samuel Causby Hamic, Jr. passed away on January 8, 2018, so January and 2018 should be clicked in the Archived News format to upload that page. Click on the headlines for Mr. Hamic's obituary and the entire obituary will appear - with photo, footnotes and links to other information/photos.

Example 2: Dr. Al Simon passed away on December 6, 2018, so December and 2018 should be clicked in the Archived News format to upload that page. In that listing of news stories is one about Dr. Simon's passing (the DOD, Dec. 6 is used).
When the headlines of his story is clicked, the entire story will appear - with photos, links, footnotes, etc.

The Archived News page for January, 2018 contains four obituaries; April, 2018 contains three; July, 2018 contains five; October, 2018 contains three.Over 30 obituaries were posted in 2018. Thank you to each person who helped the AN post that information.  

The Obituaries are listed along with all of news stories in the Archived News. Obituaries for former/current athletes and support group members are included, along with special fans.

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu if you have information about an obituary which should be included or if corrections are needed in any posting.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas



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