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Soccer: Ragin' Cajuns Eight For Eight - Haley Boroch


LAFAYETTE – Life has a way of providing opportunities to grow and learn in the craziest ways, sometimes they come from places a person might not have expected.

Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns senior Haley Boroch got that opportunity on a trip to Haiti this past spring, and the life lessons she learned have helped her put together the best campaign she's had since coming to Louisiana.
"The trip to Haiti was the best experience of my life," said Boroch.  "While we were there I looked at the way that the people lived and I got to experience how they lived their lives and it makes you so grateful for the little things that we have here."
For Boroch it was a life changing experience that's been evident with her unselfish play on the field through the 2017 season.  Boroch's been willing to play just about anywhere she's been asked to perform and her production on the field has been a key part for the Cajuns season.
So far, this season she leads the Cajuns in goals (four) with most of those goals coming from off the bench.  And she's tied for the team lead in points (eight), as she's put together quite the senior season.
"This season Haley's given us another weapon," said head coach Scot Wieland.  "She's got a great left foot and she's given us that attacking presence as a left wing back which has been a big positive for us and for her.
"She's a great kid and she's always positive.  Haley always has a greatd attitude when she comes to work.  She's worked hard to put together a good year this season for herself and for the team."
Boroch comes a long way from Ontario, California but she knew that she wanted to be a part of the Cajuns family before she even made a visit.
"Louisiana was the only school that I was interested in coming to," said Boroch.  "I wanted a change of scenery and when I got here I realized how different it was.  And I loved it here right away.  I love the field and everything that this place offered and I couldn't ask for a better place to go to school and play soccer then Louisiana."
But Boroch's career at Louisiana didn't start off as well as it's finishing and she had to work hard to earn the playing time she's gotten this season.
"I didn't play much during my freshmen and sophomore seasons," said Boroch.  "But I thought about it long term and I knew that I was going to work hard for this and I'll get my minutes.  I had the support from my family and friends through it all.
"I got stronger in my faith and closer to God through it all.  And after my sophomore year that kept my motivated because I started to trust in God and trust in the plans that he has for me.  That's what I knew I had to do and what I had to keep in mind. 
"I knew that if I stayed motivated and worked hard that my soccer career would fall into place.  So, I made the effort to work a bit harder each day and during every practice."
The hard work is paying off this season, and Boroch's love for the game she's worked so hard to get good at comes from her brother and his love for the beautiful game.
"Growing up with my brother, he was active in a lot of different sports and the best sport he played in was soccer," said Boroch.  "And I always wanted to be as good or better then him at whatever he was best at."
Even though soccer was something she focused on, it wasn't the only sport she was involved with.  Boroch played basketball as well, and had a dream of playing both in college but during one basketball practice that dream ended rather quickly.
"In high school I was in basketball practice one day," said Boroch.  "And my soccer coach sent one of his assistants to come to the practice and get me basically saying you either come now or you're off the soccer team.  So, at that moment I left basketball practice and I haven't looked back since.  Honestly, I'm glad I stuck with soccer and have focused more on that sport."
During the 2017 season, Boroch has been a part of a few special moments, both for herself and for the team.
Against Nicholls, a 5-1 win, Boroch scored herself a brace that helped propel the Cajuns to victory.  But it was a hot day in Little Rock, Arkansas that Boroch put her stamp on the season and Cajuns history.
The Cajuns were trailing late in the match, and were scrambling to get the equalizer.  They earned a late corner kick and as the PA announcer began to count down the seconds Boroch stepped up big time.
Senior Ashleigh Cade sent the corner into the box and after it bounced around, Boroch had a chance and she took it.  Scoring, on the volley, the latest goal in Cajuns history to tie the match with two seconds left.
"When I scored that goal in Little Rock, I've never felt as excited as I did at that moment to help the team get that equalizer," said Boroch. 
"We were all working hard in that game, and as a team we were working so hard.  Once I got that goal, and everyone huddled around me giving me a pat on the back and high fives it was an awesome feeling.  I felt so awesome just doing that."
On that trip to Little Rock, Boroch wasn't alone, in fact she had a little piece of Haiti with her, something to remind her of how lucky she is to be playing the beautiful game at the level that she is.
"I keep a picture with me of some of the kids from Haiti," said Boroch.  "And I bring it with me to the locker room and on our road trips.  It helps to motivate me now and I work for the kids who can't see this, the entire trip was life changing."
Boroch is reminded of the hardships of the families she met in Haiti every time she looks in her locker, and for her the hard work that the people there put in everyday to survive is something that she'll never forget.
"One of the days we were in Haiti we built a latrine for a school in a mountain village," said Boroch.  "And it was probably the hardest work I've ever done.  We carried almost 700 cinder blocks and I remember thinking to myself that I'll never complain about a soccer practice ever again."
Boroch's trip to Haiti helped her refocus on soccer and allowed her to grow as a person on and off the pitch.  Her faith in God grew stronger and her appreciation for everything that's she's earned grew as well. 
"I'm going to leave Louisiana satisfied and ending on a positive note is the best way I think that could leave."