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Spotlight on Former Athlete: Tim Thompson - Men's Basketball 1957-61

In an interesting twist of events, a phone call in the summer of 1957 from Tim's high school coach led to him meeting Coach Beryl Shipley and to a new life in Lafayette.  After a 27 hour train ride, Tim found a new environment, new friends and a new team.

Once school started and the team began adjusting to their new coach (1957 was Coach Shipley's first year as Head Basketball Coach at SLI), teamwork became the by-word.  A starter beginning with his first game, Tim started each of the next 101 consecutive games.  In contemporary language, he would be referred to as "The Iron Man" as he also never fouled out.

As a four-year starter, Tim would be part of a group of players who helped lay the foundation of the Shipley Era, one which propelled the program into the national spotlight.  This core of players included Shelby Aulds, Larry Simon, Howard Humphreys, Mike Wallace, Bill McHorris.

Tim and the above players led the Bulldogs to four consecutive winning seasons (16-11, 14-10, 20-8, and 18-5) which produced a record of 68-34 during his four years.  These six teammates also distinguished themselves by completing their degrees in a timely manner.  

Some of Tim's accomplishments are contained in his profile and include some of his single game memories. Please click here for Tim's Profile:

Tim Thompson's four year player profile includes the data presented in the table below.  These were acheived in a setting which was TEAM-ORIENTED, both offensively and defensively.  Players had to share the basketball on offensive and "take the lick" on defense.


57-58 27 144 263 .548 96 144 .667 384 14.2

58-59 24 135 306 .441 150 200 .750 420 17.5

59-60 28 152 326 .466 146 188 .777 450 16.1

60-61 23 96 206 .466 141 190 .742 333 14.5

Totals 102 527 1101 .479 533 722 .738 1,587 15.6

Tim was an NAIA All-American and twice named to the Gulf States All-Conference team.  A member of the UL Athletic Hall of Fame, he was also honored as one of the Louisiana Basketball Legends at the Top 28 Basketball Tournament.
Click here for the S Club Banquet in 1961 when Tim was honored: 

While at UL, Tim met Judy Rivers who became his wife in May 1961.  Click here for a picture of Judy cheering on the Bulldogs: 


Shelby Aulds, Larry Simon, Tim Thompson, Coach Beryl Shipley, Howard Humphreys, Mike Wallace, Bill McHorris

Click here for the photo gallery of the 1960-61 Men's Basketball Team:


1960-61 Tim Thompson, team captain.

Click here for the Men's Basketball photo gallery: 

Tim & Judy's Family,  Christmas 2008:  Front L-R: Traci, Tiffany, Trista, Jason. Back: Trent, Donna, Tess, Judy, Tim. 

In November, 2001, Tim, along with many of the basketball players of the Shipley Era (1957-73) returned to Long Gym, the place of many of his practice memories.

Click here for the group picture in Long Gym. 

Click here for the Coach Shipley Reunion Scrapbook:
Please note Books 1-4 are of his SLI/USL teams and Books 5-9 are of the Shipley Reunion, Nov. 1-2001.

Tim relaxing on his 18 acres in Woodford County, Kentucky

The Athletic Network is honored to place the spotlight on Tim Thompson.

Note:  The Photo Gallery (left side of home page) at http://www.athleticnetwork.net contains over 8,000 pictures of former and current athletes and support groups. Just point and click to view teams by years.  One click on the thumbnail picture and it is enlarged; a click on the enlarged photo and it reverts back to the thumbnail.
The AN seeks to add pictures of each team for each year they represented the university.
The stories of the 2008 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete" are still included in the News Page (click "more news' at the bottom right of the box and scroll down) and will be moved to the Lagniappe link of the "History of UL Athletics".  They have also been added to the profiles of each athlete (without the pictures). 
The 2009 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete" include:
January - Tim Thompson  Men's Basketball 1957-61.
Ed Dugas, Coordinator
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