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Basketball: Beryl Shipley Documentary "Lights Out in Blackham" - links to become involved & keep up

Basketball: Beryl Shipley Documentary "Lights Out in Blackham" - links to become involved & keep up

Lights Out in Blackham

As some of you already know, Douglas Domingue and Donny Broussard have been taping Coach Shipley for a documentary. 

Some of you met them prior to and during the recent reunion. They have contributed many of the digital pictures for the reunion photo gallery.

They wish for the following message to be sent to Coach Shipley's players and support personnel and the AN is happy to assist.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I am working with a small team of UL alums making a documentary film on the Shipley Era at USL. We wanted to share our progress with the players and support personnel from the Shipley era in the hopes that the word of this activity will be spread by them. 

www.lightsoutinblackham.com is where you can view the current trailer and keep up with the film.
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1207574260/lights-out-in-blackham is our fundraising campaign.

feel free to share with any players, family or friends, and thank you in advance for informing others of this documentary so they can follow its development.

Douglas Domingue
* * * * * * * * * * *
Douglas and Donny are the "real" deal. They met with President Savoie today and made him aware of their goals and activity regarding the documentary. Dr. Savoie had been aware to some extent, as the team was present when he presented Coach Shipley's memento of Blackham. Their meeting today was to provide additional information...thus, the university, the documentary team, and Coach Shipley are on the same page in this endeavor and it should be a wonderful story...one which needed to be told through this medium. Thank you, Douglas & Donny.
Watch for the flyer for the Shipley Mended Hearts Endowed Scholarship coming your way soon. The documentary will include information in this area.

Peace, Ed Dugas  

Dr. Ed Dugas, Coordinator
Athletic Network