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Men's Basketball Reunion 2011 News Stories

The Athletic Network is deeply appreciative to those media contributors who helped document the "Basketball is Back" Reunion celebrating 100 years of men's basketball at the university. A special acknowledgement is owed to each of them and their special contributions are listed below. Please click the title to view the full stories.
It is regretable that the transcripts are not available (at this writing) of the ESPN 1420 AM Footnotes shows with Kevin Foote during the January 12 - 21 period. With Kevin hosting and Jim Champagne scheduling guests (some by remote), listeners were able to relive the excitment of our rich basketball history and traditions.  The guests for the seven shows are included in the entry.

Jay Walker, ESPN 1420 AM, had two videos about Blackham Coliseum posted on their website and it helped viewers relive those wonderful years. Linkage to the videos is available in that entry.

Some of the stories, blogs, editorials, video links, and news reports of events published before, during, and after the January 21-22 reunion are listed below. The titles of each may be clicked to view the full story. 

It was felt appropriate to include some context surrounding the reunion. Thus, stories about current games, honors, and acheivements which occured after the reunion, plus one on the construction underway on the campus (which was observed by those who took the Campus Tour)  are posted.
On Jan. 23, Kevin Foote, Daily Advertiser,  wrote about the reunion offering healing of the past and a positive boost to the program's future. As many of the media were in attendance at the activities of the reunion, they witnessed much of this first hand and their stories strengthened Kevin's observations.
The final chapters for the 2010-11 season are yet to be written.  The Cajuns won the reunion game and each game since...so the remaining chapters of this season will be written at a later date.

Peace, Ed Dugas
February 13, 2011  
Men's Basketball: Thomas Named State's Top Freshman ragincajuns.com 4/9/11
Cajuns still relishing win streak - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/10/11
UL awaits word on invitational- Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/8/11
Rogers Future Uncertain - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/8/22
Short of a dozen - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/7/11
Thomas shackled by foul trouble - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/7/11
Marlin had been good in rematches - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/7/11
Spotlight on Former Athlete: Eddie Baseball/Basketball 60-63, Coach 67; Ross Mouton Basketball 03-07 - Bruce Brown, Athletic Network 3/6/11
UL Comes Up Short in 81-76 Loss To WKU - ragincajuns.com 3/6/11
Their final moment + UL coaches sizing up Hilltoppers for rematch - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/6/11
UL Heads To Hot Springs With High Hopes - ragincajuns.com 3/5/11
Unfinished business - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/5/11
Thomas, Bureau Tabbed All-SBC - ragincajuns.com 3/3/11
Marlin excited as March Madness begins - SBC Tournament Schedule - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/2/11
Gary relishes Cajuns' turnaround - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 3/1/11
Gary Tabbed LSWA Player of the Week - ragincajuns.com 2/28/11
UL Biggest Fan Contest sponsored by Daily Advertiser - 3/2DL - view videos & vote 2/28/11
Reviving the program - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/27/11
Cajuns Two Wins Away From Clinching First-Roud Bye - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/23/11
Cajuns Student-Athletes Post 2.839 - ragincajuns.com 2/22/11
Cajuns Loving Life During Win Streak - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/22/11
Cajuns Issue 10 For 10 Challenge + 3 Seniors, Bureau, Daigle, Gary To Be Honored - ragincajuns.com 2/21/11
SBC Fears The Beard - ragincajuns.com 2/21/11
Big crowd spurred Cajuns' victory - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/21/11
9 and doing fine - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/20/11
With Streak On the Line, UL Makes it Nine - ragincajuns.com 2/19/11
Hoops fever returns - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/19/11
Cajuns Seek Number Nine Against WKU - ragincajuns.com 2/18/11
Eight feel great - Joshua Parrott - Daily Advertiser 2/18/11
"Fear the Beard" Tickets Available at 'Dome - ragincajuns.com 2/17/11
Cajuns Make It Eight Against A State - ragincajuns.com 2/17/11
The stretch drive - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  2/17/11
Sophomore guard aids UL reversal of fortune - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/16/11  
Cajuns shock Sun Belt with streak - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/15/11

Seven Heaven!!! Cajuns Win Again - ragincajuns.com  2/12/11  
Six Straight! Cajuns Win at FIU - ragincajuns.com  2/10/11

UL campus gets face-lift - William Johnson, Daily Advertiser  2/9/11

UL's Bureau starting to flourish - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  2/09/11

Confidence found - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  2/8/11
Cajun fans having big impact courtside - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser   2/7/11
Daigle honored - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  2/6/11
Bureau's Last Second FTs Seal 67-66 Win - ragincajuns.com    2/5/11

Inspiring leader - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser 2/5/11

Marlin's Cajuns on hot streak - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  2/4/11
Ragin' Cajuns basketball deserves respect - Alison Moon, Vermilion Editorial  2/2/11

Cajuns Win on the Road, Top USA 76-70 - ragincajuns.com  1/30/11

Daigle enter exclusive UL group - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  1/29/11

Basketball centennial honors legacy, brings victory - Zane Hill, Vermilion 1/26/11

Moments in time: Even the bad ones were good - Don Allen, Special to the Acadiana Gazette  1/26/11

A time for healing - Ron Gomez Editorial - Acadiana Gazette 1/26/11

Shipley misses reunion, but isn’t forgotten - Ron Gomez, Acadiana Gazette  1/26/11

From the Bird's Nest: Reunion Weekend - Jay Walker, ESPN 1420 - Saturday  1/26/11
Thomas Tabbed With LSWA Honor - ragincajuns.com  1/24/11

From the Bird's Nest: Reunion Weekend - Jay Walker, ESPN 1420 - Friday  1/24/11

Reunion weekend offers healing from past, positive boost to program's future - Kevin Foote, Daily Advertiser 1/23/11

Top UL basketball players - Kevin Foote, Daily Advertiser 1/23/11

Top UL basketball games  - Kevin Foote, Daily Advertiser 1/23/11

Top UL basketball teams  - Kevin Foote, Daily Advertiser  1/23/11
Thomas, Cajuns Roll Past Warhawks, 84-75 - ragincajuns.com 1/22/11
UL greats return - Joshua Parrott, Daily Advertiser  1/22/11

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