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Mrs. Melissa Pease
Nickname: Missy
(Formerly Ms. Melissa Skow)


Dallas, TX

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Melissa' Living Memorial for the Coach Yvette Girouard Tribute is followed by information provided prior to the tribute. The LM was submitted on Nov. 30 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Dear Coach G,

I am not sure I have the right words to express how much I enjoyed playing for you. Simply put it was a real blessing.

I was not sure what to expect. Immediately you and Pat made me feel like a part of the Lady Cajun family.

The transition from Mizzou was not at all flawless, but you were with me every step of the way. You helped me to use my previous experience at the World Series to encourage and motivate "US".

You immediately recognized leadership qualities that I didn't realize I had, and you helped me develop them. Not only did you provide encouragement while I played for you, but you continued to well after I finished. I strived to mirror the example you set as a coach as I entered the world of coaching myself.

Today, as I continue to work with pitchers I reference my time being coached by you. I smile at all of the lessons we learned, even though we didn't always smile while the lesson was being taught.

I appreciate the history of the program and the hard work that went into it. I remember when we would replace pieces of grass on the field, pick up rocks on the infield, and fix boards on the gorgeous red fence.

Although it was hard work while we did it I see the beauty in it and the many reasons why it was necessary. I don't know if you remember, but you said that for every piece of sod or board we replaced it was a reminder of all of those that came before "US".

You instilled an appreciation for working hard to attain our goals and appreciating the foundation that we were given by other teams. My only regret is that I only played for you for half of my college career. But, when I compare the two times I was blessed to play in the WCWS it is the one in 1993 that is so special to my heart. What a journey it was and It was a true honor to be led by you!

"US" forever,

Missy Skow
Lady Cajun Pitcher

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Jan. 4, 3007 update

Currently I work as a corporate trainer of Neiman Marcus Direct, as well as, the head softball coach of a local Christian Academy.

This is such a great network for getting in contact with those close to us while in Lafayette! I was married May 3, 2003 in Dallas to Mr. Jeremy H. Pease. We will continue to reside in the Dallas area, as we are in the final stages of building a house. I have a beautiful 5 year old step-daughter named Taylor. Many former USL grads were in attendance for the wedding. Amy Fester (former UL volleyball player) stood up for me as a bridesmaid. Jennifer Autry and Carman West, both former UL Volleyball players were also in attendance. It was a blessed day!

Softball:  1992, 1993