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Mr. Michael R. Haverty
Nickname: Mick



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Mick's Fond Memories of Coach Blanco were submitted March 5, 2021 and posted by Ed Dugas.

Although everyone always called me Mick, Coach always called me Micky, the southern version of Mick. He still does call me Micky.

I have many memories of Coach but my favorite is when my wife Marlys and I lived in the new married housing at the time in 1966-67 on campus about three or four doors down from Raymond and Kathleen and their daughter Carmen. The Pratts lived below us and the Kleinpeters right next to us. The Gosnells lived next to the Blancos.

Coach had graduated from St. Benedict’s College in my hometown of Atchison, Kansas and played football with my first cousin. He and Kathleen treated Marlys and me like family when we were their neighbors. In fact, he and Kathleen treated all of the football player's families in the married housing like part of their own family.

When I graduated and went on to a career in the railroad industry we stayed in touch with the Blancos. When I was president of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway I was being honored by the USL business school in 1990 and was asked to give a talk to students. Marlys flew to Lafayette, but I got tied up in tense labor negotiations in Washington, D.C., where the unions were threatening to shut down the entire rail industry nationally and I was unable to get there to receive the award. The Blancos hosted a party at their house for the event and took good care of Marlys.

Subsequently, Raymond and Kathleen joined us for Sugar Bowl games and Super Bowl games at the Super Dome in New Orleans and LSU games in Baton Rouge, when Kathleen was Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Louisiana and I was CEO of Kansas City Southern. We also hosted them on the Kansas City Southern business train parked in Baton Rouge and had sons Raymond and Benedict join us one year along with Coach and Kathleen.

There you have it. My memories are more related to family than football, but he was always like a relative, plus he was a mentor to me following my time at USL.

Good to hear from you and hope all is well. Tell Coach and Edward hello.



Michael R. Haverty
Football:  1965, 1966