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Mrs. Lana Stokley
(Formerly Ms. Lana Jimenez)



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Lana's Living Memorial to the Yvette Girouard Tribute was submitted on March 29, 2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas on that day.

Lana Jimenez-Stokley – Softball 1994-97, Asst. Coach 1998-2000

I was 17 years old growing up in Orange County, California getting recruited by a lot of different colleges.

As I went through the process of my visits to the schools and my hometown visits, I was torn between two schools. UL and Washington were my top choices and each for different reasons.

I was a mama's girl and didn't really want to go far from home and I had a few travel ball friends going to Washington, so that was a more comfortable easy choice for me.

The one thing that Washington didn't have was "Yvette Girouard". When she came to my house for my visit, it felt like a family member was there at the table with us.

Each time she called me for our weekly phone call, it felt like I was talking to a woman who truly cared about me and not just a player she wanted to sign. Little did she know, that is exactly what I chose and wanted to do....play softball for HER!

I also got subliminal messages from my Dad without me knowing. The media guide on the coffee table, updates on how they were doing that year, a picture of the team on the refrigerator....subtle, but obvious where my parents wanted me to go, because they knew in their hearts that Yvette would take good care of their baby girl.

From the day I arrived to officially begin this 4 year, scary, intimidating, exciting and memory-filled journey of my life, Yvette was always there for me.

She was my coach, second mom, friend(sometimes) and a woman I had enormous respect and love for. I gave her a few small heart attacks I'm sure, but she always believed in me and always gave me great advice.

She truly was the reason I chose UL and the reason I played so hard for. She had given her blood, sweat and tears to the program and I wanted nothing more than to make her proud and continue to put UL on the map for softball across the country because that is what SHE deserved.

She built the program from the dirt up,( literally) and I just wanted to continue to be a piece of the success that she wanted and deserved.

Yvette made each of us feel like part of her family. To the dinners at Mama G's, to eating at Ton's and having all of her amazing center field friends at every game or function.

She created the family atmosphere by sharing her family with us and that is something that I will always cherish because it helped me get through my own home sickness feeling like I now had an extended family.

Coach Girouard, I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me. My four years of college playing for you were some of the best years of my life and I am so glad you chose me, but most importantly I am so glad I chose YOU because had I not, it would of been the worst mistake of my life.

Thank you for so many great memories. You are such an incredible human being that I have the utmost respect for.

Your work ethic, dedication and commitment to the program will never be forgotten. You made me a better person and most importantly you allowed me to meet my amazing husband - we have two wonderful boys.

Thank you for always treating me like a princess! You mean so much to me and I'll cherish you forever.

With love,
#5 Lana Chicana

Coaches:  1998, 1999, 2000
Softball:  1994, 1995, 1996, 1997