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Dr. Fred Guillot (Deceased)

47442 Monticello Drive
Hammond, LA 70401

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Air Force Pilot

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Director, Educational Technology
The Center for Faculty Excellence
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA

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Email to Ed Dugas, Jan. 5, 1999
Tuesday, 12:11 PM



They let anybody use computers these days. I didn't know you were still kicking
around. Everytime I go near Lafayette, I think about you and wonder what's up
with you and yours.

As you may or, or may not know, I've been here at SLU for 10 years. I was on
the faculty for seven (Computer Science) and have been in the administration for
the last three. Before that I was teaching in EBR at Northdale, the alternative
school (Math). Before that I was in the Dept of Corrections at LTI (Scenic High
School). I think the last time I saw you, I was teaching at Port Allen High
(1982). I'm finishing up my PhD at LSU. Kim Macgregor is my Chair, and if I
can do everything she wants me to, I'll finish in May. It's tough working full
time, with family, grand kids, etc. I also managed to get a master's in
computer science and another in human resources management, along with a plus 30
and a doctorate in education.

I love my job here because I still have a lot of contact with the faculty and
students. I work very closely with all of the academic deans. I also get to
teach a course or two every semester if I want to. I've got over 40 computer
labs on campus and 4 off campus to take care of. All of anything to do with
technology for instruction is my responsibility, including distance learning.
Nothing stays the same, that's what makes it interesting.

I don't have much time right now; I'll write a longer epistle later; I'd love to
hear from you in the meantime.


* * * * * *
It was my honor to serve as the best man in my friend's wedding.
Managers:  1959, 1960, 1961
Sports Information:  1961, 1962, 1963, 1964