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Mr. Lloyd Nicholson, Jr.



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Lloyd's Fond Memories of Coach Blanco were submitted April 3, 2021 and posted by Ed Dugas.

In the spring of my junior year, we were at SLI in Lafayette. We were participating in the Southwestern Relays. These collegiate relays were one of the best in the State, if not in the South. The high schools participated in the days prior to the colleges.

I remember seeing some of the better known college athletes like Billy Cannon, the Styron twins, Pennell, just a few that I remember.

I was walking on the track in front of the stands. Coach Blanco was sitting with Coach McClosky the future hall of fame coach from Hanson Memorial in Franklin. As I passed in front of them Coach Blanco called out to me to come over to them.

As I walked over to Coach Blanco, he turned to Coach Mac and said " this is my starting guard and linebacker, you think we aren't hurting." I was every bit of 135 pounds. The up coming summer I drank a glass of milk with a raw egg and chocolate syrup every day, to gain weight.

Can you imagine your head coach telling an opposing coach this is one of my starters next year, and then in the same tone " you think we aren't hurting?"

As I walked away Coach walked along side of me and said to me ”Tee-Lloyd we are going to kick their ass with guys like you." He knew how to let the air out of one and then lift him to the clouds.

In the winter of 1960/61, after we had completed our football season, Coach Blanco and I were sitting in the bleachers in the gym. We were talking about our season and the miserable record for our senior year. Miles and Chester had broken their collar bones, I had sustained a ruptured spleen, numerous others had nicks that hindered their play, and we ended up with a 2 and 8 season.

From a very personal perspective, my not being able to play my senior year has affected me all of my life.

I felt like a big hole had developed in my life and the only way to fill that hole was to play ball. As we sat there and he listened to my story he could relate to it personally.

Coach had been injured his senior year in college. At that point I told him that if had played college ball, I could play also. At 140 pounds Coach said that I was too small for a lineman. At that point I totally destroyed his argument I told him "if you played, I sure as heck could play, because I had better coaches than you did." He killed himself laughing and to this day I believe he remembers my comeback.
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