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Mr. Eric W. Mouton

423 Roger Road
Lafayette, LA 70507

Ascension Episcopal School
1030 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70501
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Men's Basketball: Starting from scratch

STM's Mouton to head up new sports program

Kevin Foote

The Ascension Day High School building plans to break ground in August, with the athletic program joining the LHSAA in the fall of 2008.

YOUNGSVILLE -The new Ascension Day high school athletic program won't be playing an LHSAA varsity event until the 2008-09 school year.
Headmaster Pat Dickens, though, is hoping the program has experienced it's first home run, or in this came slam dunk, by convincing St. Thomas More assistant coach Eric Mouton to take over the school's athletic director and head basketball coach.

"I had an older son named Murray who played at St. Thomas More,'' Dickens said. "So as a parent, I got a chance to watch how Eric interacts with the kids over a three-year period. Quietly, I thought to myself that if he ever came available, I'd like to speak to him.''

Apparently, Dickens' speech was pretty convincing. After eight years serving under his prep basketball coach, Mouton decided to accept the new position, despite the fact that ground isn't expected to be broken on the new school building until August on Highway 92 at Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville.
"It's been unbelievable,'' Mouton said. "I've been back and forth the last two or three weeks. I wasn't looking. I was so happy at STM, teaching civics and coaching basketball and cross country. But this came along and I had to take a look at it.

"(STM basketball coach) Danny (Broussard) and (A.D.) Kim (Broussard) have been real supportive. They gave me advice. They told me that if it felt like the right thing for me, to do it.''

The decision to leave was the first step. The next few steps are going to take plentyofpatience and a lot of hard work. Mouton, 37, will coach the "freshman'' basketball team in exhibition competition next season.

According to LHSAA rules, a school must have a senior class in order to compete in an LHSAA league. It is permissable, though, for LHSAA schools to participate against junior high teams if both schools agree.

Students in individual sports like golf and tennis will also be participating next year. Because there are currently 16 students already going to Ascension Day High in the ninth and 10th grades, there will be a senior class for the 2008-09 school year, allowing the new school to be in an LHSAA district the following year.

At that time, it's expected to have teams in boys and girls basketball, volleyball, boys and girls soccer, golf, tennis, cross country and the running side of track and field. Football will be on the horizon, but not likely for several years.

"The chance to build a program up from scratch is exciting,'' Mouton said. "That hasn't been done in this town in 25 years (St. Thomas More). I know it's going to be exciting and a huge challenge, but maybe I'm ready for something new.''

Mouton's initial thought was to wait and see the progress of the building project, but Dickens wanted the former state champion at STM and NCAA first-round winner at UL to be the face of the program as soon as possible.

Over the last five seasons, 70 percent of his students at Ascension Day went to St. Thomas More, followed by Lafayette High's gifted program and ESA. There are currently 157 students in Ascension Day middle school.

"I know we're knowing for our academics, but people don't realize how many of our students have gone on to have outstanding athletic careers at St. Thomas More or Lafayette High or ESA. It's just been under the radar screen.

"We just have to get those kids to stay.''

If the current plans are realized, the facility will include a football stadium, a soccer field, two gyms, a practice field, baseball field, softball field and swimming pool.

Originally published April 24, 2007

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Coach Eric's Individual Accomplishments as a Player:

As a senior at St. Thomas More High School:

1st Team All District

1st Team All Parish

1st Team All Acadiana

1st Team All State

LHSAA East � West All Star Game

STM school records for assists in a game (15) and a season (255) in 1987 (still standing).

As a senior at the University of LA at Lafayette:

Voted Team Captain by his teammates.

1st Team All District 8 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

Player on the NABC North � South All Star Game.

Top 5 in Career Assists and Steals

Coach Eric's Basketball Path to Date:

1977-81 Pius Athletic Association

1981-83 St. Cecilia Elementary

1983-87 St. Thomas More High School 3-year letterman

1987-92 University of LA at Lafayette 4-year letterman

1992-93 Assistant Coach Nichols State University

1993-94 Head Coach Vermilion Catholic High School in Abbeville

1994-97 Assistant Coach University of Louisiana at Lafayette

1997-99 Head Coach Opelousas Catholic High School

1999-2007 Assistant Head Coach and Head JV Coach St. Thomas More

2007-Present Head Coach And Athletic Director Ascension Episcopal School in Youngsville

Basketball- (M):  1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
Coaches:  1994, 1995, 1996, 1997