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Ms. Sharen Wynn

2111 Widdicomb Ct.
Houston, TX 77008

1964 W. Gray #225
Houston, TX 77019
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Sharen Wynn - Softball 1982-85 & Volleyball 1982-85.

Sharen's Living Memorial to the Yvette Girouard Tribute was submitted on June 6, 2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

I don’t think I can over emphasize the impact Yvette Girouard had on my life as well as so many that played for her, worked with her or met her.

Some of my fondest memories are of the days we were out on that field off Bertrand Drive, my first year with the softball team, Girouard at the helm, taking cups of water off the field, raking, marking the lines, shoveling dirt, watering the field, etc., preparing for our softball games, after we had practiced for several hours.

Girouard had big red (pick-up truck) loaded up with all the dirt and equipment we needed and certain most of this came out of her own pocket. And I certainly will not forget the days we drove through cow manure behind the barn to our new field, but hey, progress, we were happy!!!

Getting a chance to play at Pelican Park, my goodness, we thought we had made it to the Major Leagues!! Didn’t matter where we had to play, what type of field or condition, we played with heart, just as Girouard coached every game, with heart. We had fun, we worked hard, and we played hard, we lost and won as a team, as US!

Girouard was what I called her, still not able to call her Yvette, totally out of old school respect, and heck I’m old now!!!

She demanded excellence, but only because deep down she truly cared for each of us. She cared not only about us on the field but off the field.

The players from out of state or out of town didn’t need to worry about holidays and days off as Girouard made sure they had a family to be with, sacrificing so much of her own time off. She created a family environment amongst the team, a huge testament to the sort of person she was, and how she was raised. Her mom and dad, may they RIP, were our biggest fans. I was lucky enough to be raised in a tight knit family as well and knew how important this was.

Girouard was tough, she meant business, she demanded respect and made sure we respected each other. She was always there, always available, mentoring, encouraging and paving the way for myself and many young women that were lucky enough to have played for her or worked with her.

USL/UL was fortunate to have had Yvette Girouard - her having an opportunity to move over to LSU was just proof of what this gal was about – she was a great coach and deserved the opportunity to spread her talents.

I am thankful and appreciative every day for the opportunity I had to play for Girouard, I am proud to have had her as my coach and more so, now as my friend. I love you Girouard.
Softball:  1983, 1984, 1985
Volleyball:  1982, 1983, 1984