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Athletic Network: Recent postings in the Athletic Network photo gallery identified + call for more

For new postings in the Athletic Network photo gallery, click the links below:

1940 Football (First McNaspy Stadium Football Game)  https://athleticnetwork.net/site1326.php 
A total of 12 L'Acadien photos, including an account of the first game at McNaspy Stadium vs. Southeastern.

1966 Southwestern Relays Court   https://athleticnetwork.net/site119.php  
Two new photos of the Relays Court and efforts in Vermilion Parish to promote the Relays Carnival. It worked - look at the stands at McNaspy. Provided by Rickey Suire Domingues.

1970 Men's Physical Education Faculty  https://athleticnetwork.net/site4836.php 
One new photo provided by Dr. David Fisher, former HPE faculty member, HOF member, and outstanding alumni.

1971 Football (First Cajun Field Football Game)  https://athleticnetwork.net/site354.php
A total of nine L'Acadien photos, including several firsts. Initial information for new posts provided by Tommie Rogers and his teammates.

1973 Homecoming Court   https://athleticnetwork.net/site1883.php 
One new photo provide by Dr. Jim McMillan includes his wife Judy McMillin. Please click here for her obituary.

1981 Softball (First Softball Game) vs. UNO   https://athleticnetwork.net/site250.php 
A total of three photos, with one being a report of the first official Softball game. Yvette Girouard provided the news paper report.

Our appreciation is expressed to all former athletes and support group members who submitted photos, information, game reports, etc. Please scan any which you have and email as an attachement to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu  You contributing to the documentation of our awesome athletic history is appreciated.  Thanks.

In this manner you can keep the scrapbook and still provide the information for the Cajun Nation to enjoy. Thanks.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas