Head Coach: Elbert Pickell

Tulane W,30-20
Tulane L,23-30
La.Tech W,45-24
Normal L,38-45
Centenary L,25-36
LSU W,40-26
Normal W,48-26
La College W,49-28
Tulane L,35-36
Loyola W,25-20
La Tech W,44-29
Centenary W,36-28
Miss College L,26-28
LSU W,34-29
La College W,52-34
Loyola W,51-35
Loyola W,35-27

Won 12 Lost 5

The Bulldogs then went on to the SIAA tournament, and were defeated by Birmingham Southern, 43-29

Sid Naquin, a member of the 1931 team, is also a member of the Athletic Network. Here's what was written about him in the 1931 L'ACADIEN

Sidney Naquin, playing his first year of basketball on the varsity, at guard, has shown up very creditably. He is conscientious and anxious to learn, which two qualities coupled with the natural athletic ability, so clearly evidenced in his playing, will carry him far on the road to basketball achievement.